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Where to Buy Wide Fit Shoes?

Last time we counted there were at least 50 different brands selling wide fit women’s shoes in the UK. You could, of course, spend an awful lot of time perusing the various collections yourself. Or you can visit us here at the Wide Fit Boutique website where we showcase all that’s wonderful in women’s wide fit footwear. We’re happily obsessed with wide feet and we do the searching for you, so you don’t have to. There’s lots of reasons why women might need wider shoes. Maybe your feet have changed as you got older, maybe you’re curvy with feet to match, maybe you have bunions, maybe you’re diabetic or pregnant, or maybe wider feet are just what Mother Nature gave you.

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Here’s the really great news: we don’t have to choose between looking elegant and being comfortable. There’s a huge range of glamorous occasion shoes out there now for women with wide feet, bunions or otherwise awkward feet. Here’s some of our absolute faves for Summer 2022

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