Extra Wide Fit Summer Holiday Shoes

At Wide Fit Boutique we feature a vast range of summery shoes in wide fit and extra wide fit.  We've hand picked some of our favourites here for your relaxation inspiration. 

Easy-Going Flip Flops & Sliders

No holiday suitcase is complete without a few pairs of flip flops and sliders to chuck on and off with no fiddly buckles.  Extra wide feet need extra wide flip flops and these ones fit the bill nicely. Click on any image for more detail.

Extra Wide Fit Holiday Sandals

Free your toes with some fabulous new extra wide fit sandals for your holiday.  Cool, casual, bohemian and comfy, our holiday edit ticks all the boxes.   Click any image for further details.

Extra Wide Fit Holiday Evening Shoes

Naturally we want to scrub up a bit in the evenings, but without losing that relaxed holiday vibe.  Check out our selection of gorgeous extra wide fit sandals with just a hint of casual bling or any easy-going heel.  Click any image for further details.

Holiday Walking Shoes for Extra Wide Feet

If you're planning on doing any serious holiday walking, you're going to need some walking shoes made specially for extra wide feet.  Whether exploring ancient ruins or trekking around rocky coastal paths,  here is our pick to get you there in supreme comfort and blister-free (see more about them below).  Click any image for further details.

The Holiday Feet Emergency Kit

And finally….reluctant as we are to intrude on your holiday with, you know, reality… unfortunately the combination of hot weather, perspiration, wide feet and new shoes can be a recipe for blisters.  Don't leave home without some cooling spray to keep swelling under control and a generous supply of plasters, just in case.  Here's our pick of essentials for your holiday feet emergency kit to beat the heat and protect your feet!

We ❤ Wide Feet!
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