Bunion-Friendly Fit

These days there’s lots of choice in shoes for women with bunions.  Feet with bunions (or hallux valgus to use the fancy term) often need extra width in the front but may be a normal width for the rest of the foot.

Calla, Sargasso & Grey and Sole Bliss all specialise in fashionable footwear which not only provides extra room in the toe box to accommodate bunions but which look fabulous and cleverly conceal.  German manufacturer Hanwag produces a range of walking boots for bunions. Or you might find you’re good to go with normal wide fit shoes with an adjustable or stretch front, particularly for sandals.

The shoes featured below are particularly recommended for moderate to severe bunions.  If your bunions are minor and don’t cause discomfort, check out our selection of bunion-concealing sandals here.  You can also find lots of accessories to make feet with bunions more comfortable here.

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