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Special Occasion Shoes in Wide, Extra Wide & Larger Sizes

Weddings, Ladies Day, graduations, anniversaries, christenings… Whatever the celebration – let's get our glad rags on again and make up for lost good times!

As we get back out there clutching our gilt edged invites, we don’t want to just look and feel like a million dollars – we need to be Comfortable too. With a capital C.

Big celebrations mean lots of time on your feet (not to mention all those shapes to be thrown later in the evening).  We've all got those old pics where only we know that our enigmatic smile is actually a “my feet are killing me” grimace.  Let's stop doing that to ourselves.

Lady at races wearing wide fit shoes

Thankfully we no longer have to choose between looking elegant and being comfortable.  

There's a massive range of glamorous special occasion shoes out there now for women with wide feet, larger feet, bunions or otherwise awkward feet and to suit every budget.  

From wide fitting wedding shoes for the mother of the bride to wide fit block heeled sandals with just a hint of shimmer, here's some of our absolute favourites for 2024:

We ❤ Wide Feet!

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