Wide Fit Shoes for Bunions

You don’t often see the words JOY and BUNIONS in the same sentence, but they go together perfectly here.  If you thought your bunions left you with limited footwear options, you need to check out the retailers below who all specialise in beautiful shoes to fit, flatter and comfort feet with bunions. 

Calla make feet with bunions look fabulous with their fashion forward range of shoes in widths up to EEE fit.  Designed for women with bunions with clever stretch panels at the toe joint and thoughtful design.  Click the image below to go straight to Calla’s bunion-friendly range.

Calla Wide E Fit Flat Shoes

Sargasso & Grey make elegant, sophisticated shoes in widths up to EEE fit.  They specialise in classic, feminine shoes which are carefully designed to conceal bunions and include soft leather insoles with memory foam padding in all the right places. 

Sole Bliss do a huge range of contemporary wide fit shoes, many of which also incorporate their Bunion Bed®  hidden stretch panel cushions to ensure blissful comfort.  Queen Consort Camilla and Rebel Wilson are apparently fans and have been spotted wearing Sole Bliss shoes!  Click below to see their extensive collection.

If you love the Great Outdoors you'll be ecstatic to hear that Bavarian manufacturer Hanwag produces a range of good looking walking shoes and boots specifically designed for women with bunions.  Click the image below to see the current range, which is available to buy in the UK.

At Wide Fit Boutique we feature a range of accessories to help keep your bunions pain free and comfortable.  Click the image below to browse our selection and give your feet some TLC.

If your bunions are small and don’t cause you any pain or problems, you may be able to get away with normal width sandals with design features which keep your bunions hidden and protected.  Some also have adjustable straps so you can get a bit of extra width exactly where you need it.  Click the image below to see our edited selection.

We ❤ Wide Feet!
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