Where to Buy Wide Fit Socks

If you've got wide feet, you need wide fit socks to give your toes room to relax.  Fortunately there's now a really excellent range of retailers stocking socks just for us, as well as specialist socks for all sorts of conditions such as diabetes, oedema and bunions.  Click on any of the images below to go straight through to these retailers current range.

Debenhams has a great range of specialist socks in wide and extra wide fit from brands such as Dr. Socks, Sock Snob, Iomi and Vim & Vigr graduated compression socks. Click the image below to view.

Debenhams wide fit women's socks

All the socks at Yours Clothing are plus size so have plenty of room for wide feet.  They do ankle socks, knee highs, trainer liners and slipper socks in everyday basic colours and fun prints.

Leicestershire-based HJ Socks manufacture their own socks right here in the UK and have a good range of extra wide, soft-top, compression and diabetic socks.  Click below and use their filters to find the right socks for you.

Cosyfeet specialise in 6E fit footwear for ultra-wide or swollen feet, which they complement with a nice range of extra roomy socks.  They also do diabetic socks, compression socks and bed socks.  Click below to see their range.

SockShop stocks Iomi Footnurse socks, a special range designed to show your feet and legs some extra TLC.  Their oedema socks range features extra-wide socks, developed to help manage the symptoms of oedema, lymphoedema, fluid retention and other conditions associated with swollen feet and ankles

Jileon specialise in extra wide calf wellington boots.  They also have a selection of fleecy boots liner socks to keep your feet warm and cosy in your new favourite wellies.  Click the image below to see the selection of cheerful colours available from their store on Amazon:

Got bunions?  There are socks designed specifically with you in mind too, both for day-to-day wear and for stretching out the hallux joint.  Check out our Bunion Accessories page, to see what's on offer.

We ❤ Wide Feet!
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